Best Cannons in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones: Best Cannons

You may not be able to equip them yet, but the top Cannons in Skull and Bones are definitely worth the wait. A strong ship is crucial for dominating the sea, but you also need the firepower to back it up. Cannons come into play here, and in Skull and Bones, there are some exceptional options to meet your firing needs. However, accessing these top-tier Cannons means reaching Kinpin 1 Infamy level, so get ready to set sail and work your way to Vincent D’Onofrio status as quickly as possible.

Strongest Cannons in Skull and Bones

CannonTypeInfamy RequirementDescriptionPerks
Basilisk IIICulverinKingpin 1Heavy bronze culverin aptly named after the deadly mythic serpent. Designed to render ships vulnerable to Crew Attacks. Raider: Increases Charge Rate of the Vulnerable effect by 50%.

Piercing: Adds 20% of damage as Piercing Damage. Increases damage to weakpoints by 75%.

Image: Ubisoft

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Continue your piracy enterprise and visit the Blacksmith to craft and equip your Cannons. Eventually, you will have a ship that every pirate will desire and fear.

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