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Technical Program Manager

Meet the Team: Dean

Hi, everyone! Wynn here. We’re back with another Xbox Insider Team interview. Today we’ll be chatting with Dean—a Technical Program Manager, Xbox Mastercard maestro, and another all-around cat person. How’s it going, Dean?

I’m doing well! Happy to be here.

Dean’s Experience as a Program Manager

Glad we could have you on. I’m sure a brief respite from the Mastercard salt mines is welcomed.

A Career Fueled by Passion

Oh yeah! Most people don’t know this, but that’s how we get those rewards points. It’s hard work, but honest work.

Dean’s Early Gaming Days

A man of many talents! I think you may have me beat on the number of orgs you’ve worked for, which is unique for Xbox. Most people get here and nail their feet to floor.

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