Destiny 2 – How to Calibrate Weapons

If you’ve been around Banshee-44 in Destiny 2, you may have seen that he has challenges for calibrating different weapons.

Learn more about what weapon calibration is, how you do it, and what rewards you can get for calibrating your weapons in this guide.

How to Calibrate Weapons in Destiny 2

While going about your business in the Tower, you may have noticed a Bounty that requires you to calibrate a specific weapon type.

This type of Bounty can be very confusing to newer players who don’t know what it means to calibrate your weapons.

To calibrate a weapon, all you need to do is get final blows using that specific weapon archetype. For example, to calibrate an Auto Rifle, you will need to kill a certain number of enemies using Auto Rifles.

The amount of final blows needed to complete the Bounty will vary between different weapon archetypes. You will also have a chance to gain additional calibration progress for final blows against Guardians.

This means that any kills inside of the Crucible will grant you additional progress towards completing your Bounty. This also applies to Guardians killed while invading during Gambit matches.

Each type of weapon calibration Bounty will also give you a chance at obtaining bonus progressions for the type of kills you get with your weapon.

Sticking to the Auto Rifle example, you would get a bonus for every precision final blow you get with an Auto Rifle, granting you even more progress for precision kills.

You will notice that weapon calibration Bounties are strictly sold by Banshee-44. These types of Bounties can not be sold by any other vendor in the Tower.

Weapon calibration Bounties are part of Banshee-44’s Daily Bounty rotation. Completing a weapon calibration Bounty will reward you with Enhancement Cores, XP, and Gunsmith Reputation progress.

These Bounties are a great way to level up your Reputation Rank with Banshee-44. Just like the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit vendors, the Gunsmith will reward you with Rank Milestones.

Reaching the final Rank Milestone will allow you to reset your Reputation Rank to start over again. Doing so will also reward you with an Ascendant Shard.

To learn more about how Bounties work, how to turn in Bounties, and Reputation Ranks, check out our guide here. We go over all of the basics for new and returning players.

The Gunsmith also has advanced weapon calibration Bounties available. These Bounties are repeatable and require players to get a certain amount of kills in a single life using the specified weapon archetype.

Dying before reaching your kill goal will reset your progress on the Bounty. Advanced weapon calibration Bounties only reward players with a small amount of XP.

While these Bounties are hardly worth pursuing alone, they can add up quickly and help you level up your Artifact Level.

It never hurts to pick up as many Repeatable Bounties as you can hold whenever you visit Banshee-44, as you will more than likely complete a few without even trying.

Now you know what weapon calibration is! It is a lot more simple than the name implies.

Are you trying to level up your Reputation Rank with Banshee-44? What rewards are you hoping to get from him? Let me know in the comments!