Skull and Bones Free Trial Launches Today

Skull and Bones is now offering a free trial for gamers interested in trying out the pirate adventure before committing to a purchase. The trial coincides with the game’s release and will be open for an extended period.

What to Expect in the Skull and Bones Free Trial

Players participating in the trial will have eight hours of unrestricted access to Skull and Bones. This includes the full range of activities available in the game, such as exploring the seas, completing contracts, treasure hunting, plundering forts, embarking on voyages, and participating in high-stakes naval battles. Advancing in infamy level and ranks will unlock better ships, weapons, attachments, and furniture.

The Skull and Bones trial is available for download on the PlayStation Store and can be played either solo or in co-op with up to three players. Any progress made and items unlocked during the trial will carry over to the full version of the game should players decide to make a purchase. Additionally, there is a Premium Edition featuring a Smugglers Pass Token, the Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection, and two extra missions, along with other digital bonuses.

For the first year following the release, Ubisoft plans to provide free and premium content throughout four seasons, along with free limited-time events. The Smugglers Pass token is designed to grant Premium Edition owners access to a Premium Smuggler Pass of their choice.

With high hopes for record-breaking net bookings, Ubisoft’s introduction of the trial is aimed at expanding the player base and generating buzz for this quadruple-A title.