Helldivers 2 Devastator – Where To Find And Kill 15 Devastators

Understanding the Devastators in Helldivers 2

You have a new objective in Helldivers 2: eliminate 15 Devastators. If you’ve been actively participating in the battle against the Automatons at Malevelon Creek, you’re probably not getting much sleep. While the basic Automatons pose a threat, it’s the arrival of the Devastators and other heavier robotic enemies that have Helldivers on edge. Here’s where you can locate Devastators in Helldivers 2 and the best strategies to eliminate them.

Characteristics of Devastators

Devastators are heavily armored Automatons that are a step up from the standard skeletal versions. Their bodies are covered in armor plating except for their glowing red faces, and they are equipped with a basic automatic rifle as their primary weapon. The main threat they pose is their resistance to standard weapon fire.

Seen here below the yellow panel is a defeated Devastator.

It’s important to note that the larger chainsaw-handed automatons do not fall under the category of Devastators, so your focus should be on the smaller, armor-plated versions when fulfilling a Personal Order.

Locating Devastators

If you are fighting on the Automaton side of the war effort, Devastators can be found anywhere. They are the second type of enemy you’ll encounter, often reinforcing the smaller robots in Bot Drops or patrolling around the planet.

Head into the Automaton (red) warfront to find Devastators.
Head into the Automaton (red) warfront to find Devastators.

Devastators can be found on any planet in a red zone, with Malevelon Creek being the most notable location. While they may occasionally appear on Trivial difficulty, they are more prevalent in large numbers on Defend missions on easy difficulty and higher.

Strategies for Combat

Devastators have two weaknesses that can be exploited. Their faces are vulnerable to direct shots, and targeting their waist can cause them to quickly fall apart. Utilizing weapons such as the Breaker automatic shotgun or grenade launchers can be effective in dealing with Devastators. Additionally, deploying strategic tools like Guard Dog ‘Rover’, Gatling Sentry, Machine Gun Sentry, and Mortar Sentry can greatly aid in combat, especially for solo missions.