How to make Master Chief in Infinite Craft

Whether you plan to fight the Covenant or the Flood, you will certainly need the help of a certain Spartan. Here is how to make Master Chief in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft: How to make Master Chief

When I picked Halo: Combat Evolved on my old MacBook (yes, you can game in Apple products), I was completely hooked by the shooting and the action I saw on the screen and terrified by the Flood. And yes, I was killed countless times by exploding foes I never saw coming. Anyway, Master Chief and the Halo franchise both have a place in my heart even though I’ve been more of a Nintendo and Sony guy, and that’s saying a lot. Enter Infinite Craft, and I’m finding myself attempting to craft Master Chief without any idea of what I was doing. Don’t be like me and follow the steps below to know how to make Master Chief in Infinite Craft.

Image: PC Invasion

Master Chief Infinite Craft Recipes

Element 1Element 2Result
GamerHaloMaster Chief
SpartanHaloMaster Chief
DustHalo 3Master Chief
FireHalo 3Master Chief
Dustin McflyHaloMaster Chief
Halo 3PipeMaster Chief

As you can see, for some reason almost every element with Halo 3 apparently yields Master Chief. However, the fastest way to get this green-armored character is by combining Gamer and Halo. Follow the table below to do this and don’t worry about complex elements, these steps start with the basic elements you get by default.

Element 1Element 2Result
GamerHaloMaster Chief

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As with many of these video game character craft guides, you will get the Game element as a result of making Master Chief. This will allow you to combine it with other elements you have in your arsenal which can get you many franchises and characters. Just keep in mind that Game is a broad term that can mean video games but also tabletop games and actual sports.

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