Lady Gaga coming to Fortnite, five years after asking what “Fortnight” is

Lady Gaga is Coming to Fortnite

Lady Gaga, the global music megastar, is set to make her debut in Fortnite. This comes as something of a full-circle moment for Lady Gaga, who famously once asked what “Fortnight” was all about. Her social media post in October 2019 simply asking “What’s Fortnite” went viral and marked the beginning of her journey towards becoming a part of the popular game. Five years later, Lady Gaga’s account reposted her original message today with an image of her upcoming in-game character model, along with the correction: “*fortnite”.

The image is labelled with Fortnite Festival, which is the game’s Rock Band/Guitar Hero-style rhythm game mode that launched late last year. Festival’s second season kicks off this Thursday, 22nd February, following its first season that spotlighted The Weeknd.

As part of Lady Gaga’s arrival, she will receive a skin in the game, allowing players to take on her persona, and a collection of her music tracks will be released for players to enjoy and tap along to. This collaboration is highly anticipated and is sure to attract many fans of both Lady Gaga and Fortnite.

Lady Gaga’s arrival in Fortnite also comes years after early plans for her to appear in the game were first spotted by fans in court documents made public as part of developer Epic Games’ courtroom battle with Apple. Fortnite even featured a season involving chrome – during which fans expected Gaga to finally make her appearance – but were kept waiting.

But while Lady Gaga is now finally be on the horizon, this month brought confirmation that a long-rumored Fortnite Doctor Who collaboration would not be coming any time soon.