Raft – How to Catch Animals

How to Catch and Raise Animals in Raft

In the survival game Raft, capturing and raising animals can greatly benefit your gameplay, helping you to survive and progress. For example, Llamas provide Wool, which is essential for making armor and backpacks.

Despite the benefits, many players struggle with catching animals. According to Steam’s statistics, only 34.2% of players have successfully captured an animal during their playthroughs.

This means that a significant portion of the player base is missing out on the advantages of raising animals in Raft, either because they do not know how to capture them or are unaware of the benefits.

How to Catch Animals in Raft

To capture animals in Raft, you’ll need to obtain Metal Ores from the ocean floor, smelt them in the Furnace to obtain Metal Ingots, and then research and craft the Net Launcher and Net Canisters.

The Net Launcher recipe can be found in the crafting menu, requiring Metal Ingots, Scraps, Plastics, and Bolts. Similarly, Net Canisters are crafted with Explosive Powder, Ropes, and Stones, making them necessary ammunition for the Net Launcher.

Explosive Powder can be obtained by smelting Explosive Goos found by hunting Poison-Puffers that spawn around large tropical islands. These islands also serve as the habitat for the animals you aim to capture.

Techniques to Catch Animals

Once you have the necessary equipment, you can start capturing animals on large tropical islands. Aim the Net Launcher and fire Net Canisters to catch animals, making sure to anticipate the animal’s movements and aim accordingly.

There are specific techniques to catching animals effectively, including maintaining a safe distance, aiming higher than the target, and predicting the animal’s movement.

How to Tame and Feed Animals

After successfully capturing an animal, you can tame and care for it on your raft. This involves returning to your raft immediately after capturing the animal so that it becomes tamed and will not run away.

Once on your raft, you can provide a safe space and feed the animals with grass grown in Grass Plots. Each individual animal needs its own Grass Plot, which requires Dirt, Planks, and Plastics to craft.

By following these steps, you can effectively catch, tame, and raise animals in Raft, enhancing your gameplay experience and survival capabilities.

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