How to get Operator Barebones kills in Modern Warfare 3

Image: Sledgehammer Games

How to Achieve Operator Barebones Kills in Modern Warfare 3

When it comes to completing Weekly Challenges in Modern Warfare 3, one of the most recent challenges, involving obtaining Operator Barebones kills, might seem a bit puzzling at first. Unlike in previous games, Barebones is not a specific playlist in Modern Warfare 3. So how exactly do you get Operator Barebones kills?

To achieve Operator Barebones kills, you need to use the gun itself to eliminate enemy Operators without any attachments equipped. For example, for the Haymaker, which is tied to this challenge, playing in small maps should provide plenty of opportunities to achieve this as you can take advantage of the shotgun’s characteristics. It’s recommended to play in the Small Map Mosh Pit to maximize your chances of using the shotgun and gaining additional experience points on objective-based maps.

Modern Warfare 3 Haymaker Barebones
Screenshot: Activision

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Completing this Weekly Challenge will bring you closer to unlocking the JAK Maglift Kit and making your Haymaker an extremely powerful weapon. Enjoy the chaos of small map matches and rack up those kills!

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