Lego Fortnite Update Adds Fishing And A Much Needed Tool

The Latest Update for Lego Fortnite Adds Fishing and Quality-of-Life Improvements

The most recent Lego Fortnite update, V28.30, titled Gone Fishin’, introduces fishing to the game, as well as several quality-of-life improvements such as a Compass. The update brings 15 new fish, four tiers of fishing rods, and various seafood recipes to the survival-crafting game.

Fishing Rod and Recipes

The Gone Fishin’ update features a new tool, the Fishing Rod, which comes in four tiers: common, uncommon, rare, and epic. Players can unlock new recipes by obtaining a Cord, Knotroot Rod, Flexwood Rod, and Frostpine Rod in their inventory, respectively. Crafting these recipes also requires the appropriate level of crafting bench.

15 New Fish

  • Orange Flopper
  • Blue Flopper
  • Green Flopper
  • Vendetta Flopper
  • Black and Blue Shield Fish
  • Purple Thermal Fish
  • Raven Thermal Fish
  • Silver Thermal Fish
  • Blue Slurp Fish
  • Purple Slurp Fish
  • Yellow Slurp Fish
  • Blue Small Fry
  • Cuddle Jelly Fish
  • Slurp Jelly Fish
  • Molten Spicy Fish

Fish-Related Recipes and Cooking Stations

The update also adds the new Food Processor Station, which allows players to turn fish into Fish Filets. Other fish-related recipes, such as Smoked Fry Fish, are available at existing cooking stations in the game. In addition, fish can be used to create a Bait Bucket, which, when thrown into water, creates a fishing spot. The Bait Bucket also comes in the four different rarity tiers.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Lastly, the update introduces a Compass and an Advanced Compass, both of which can be crafted with the new Glass resource made from Sand. The Compass adds a compass to the in-game HUD, indicating the direction in which the player is moving, while the Advanced Compass includes markers on the HUD. Additionally, players can now craft a Spyglass, which allows them to survey distant spots in the environment, providing some quality-of-life improvements in the game.