Raft – How to Get Wool

Wool can be obtained from the Llama in Raft, making it a valuable resource for crafting armor and backpacks, as well as for recycling into Trash Cubes.

To obtain Wool, you’ll need to use Shears on a tamed Llama, yielding one Wool per shearing. The Llama’s fur regrows after 5 minutes if it is fed, allowing for further shearing.

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How to Get Wool in Raft

First, make sure to catch and tame a Llama. Need help? Check out our guide on how to catch and tame animals in Raft.

Once you have a tamed Llama, craft a pair of Shears using 1 Metal Ingot, 1 Hinge, and 2 Scraps.

This recipe can be found in the Tools crafting menu, which is the third tab with a hammer and shovel icon on it. If you don’t see the recipe, try researching the required materials in the Research Table first.

Next, put the Shears in your hot bar, select it, and hold the left mouse button to shave the Llama, yielding 1 Wool per shearing and reducing the Shears’ durability by 1. Each pair of Shears has a total of 15 durability, allowing for up to 15 shearings per pair.

The Llama’s fur will regrow after 5 minutes if it’s fed.

The shaved Llama is on the right.

To feed a Llama, build some Grass Plots, place them on your raft, and water them. Constructing fencing around the Grass Plots is recommended to keep the Llamas contained.

And that’s how you can obtain Wool in Raft.

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