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Last Epoch Review

Last Epoch, the ARPG from Eleventh Hour Games, has finally emerged from a five-year Early Access period and is set for a 1.0 release. The game strikes a delicate balance between the accessibility and high-speed action of Diablo 4 and the complex character-build diversity of Path of Exile. This is thanks to a skill system that is easy to understand while offering extensive room for fine-tuning character builds. The roughly 20-hour campaign may start fresh but loses its originality as it progresses. However, this is somewhat forgivable as the main focus is its engaging endgame. Despite some technical clunkiness in the online multiplayer mode, Last Epoch offers a climb to level 100 with lots of loot, fun fights, and meaningful power boosts.

Character Selection and Gameplay

New players start by choosing from five standard characters – Sentinels, Mages, Rogues, Primalists, and Acolytes. Each character offers a unique playstyle, setting the foundation for a compelling gameplay experience. The visually stunning high-fantasy world of Eterra is filled with evil gods, undead armies, and a destructive void. Players engage in traditional ARPG activities such as hacking, slashing, spellcasting, and looting while questing through the game.

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When it comes to its action, Last Epoch introduces new layers to its conventional systems such as Ward, which acts as a regenerating shield on top of the health pool, and a mana pool that can dip into negatives, acting as a natural cooldown between spells. The game offers plenty of blood and gore during combat but deviates from the typical demonic edge of other ARPGs.

Character Customization and Skills

Last Epoch provides a staggering amount of depth in its character customization and skill system. Players can specialize their characters into three subclasses, drastically altering the way they operate. The game offers an extensive list of branching Passives, providing near-endless opportunities to fine-tune unique mechanics and create new playstyles.

Endgame and Challenges

The main endgame activity, Monoliths of Fate, offers various themes and rewards to replay on the way to level 100. The game’s global buffs, known as Blessings, are rewarding and add an extra layer of complexity to the endgame. Last Epoch also features traditional dungeons and arenas but the focus lies on the Monoliths of Fate, making these side activities feel like an afterthought.

Last Epoch provides challenging gameplay but is rarely punishing, making it suitable for a wide range of players. The game also includes microtransactions and cosmetic systems, ensuring that players can enjoy the game without delving into additional purchases.

Microtransaction Reaction

As of its 1.0 release, Last Epoch developer Eleventh Hour Games offers virtual pets and cosmetic packs in exchange for Epoch points. These purchases are purely cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. Deluxe and Ultimate Editions are available directly through the storefront, containing exclusive cosmetic item skins. The game also includes a Factions system which provides an excellent extra layer of choice. Despite the presence of microtransactions, players can safely enjoy Last Epoch without ever looking at the store.

Last Epoch runs smoothly and looks great on a wide range of systems, making it a solid choice for any ARPG enthusiast looking for a modern game to ramp up their action roleplaying skillset.