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What is T1 Essence?

Essence is a fundamental resource in Nightingale that serves as a currency and is essential for repairing or upgrading gear. As you progress in the game, you will obtain various tiers of Essence, ranging from the common Essence Dust to Tiers 1, 2, and 3 Essences. To find other games like Nightingale, be sure to check out PlayerAuctions.

T1 Essence is primarily used as the main currency in the early to mid-game. It is required for purchasing recipes to enhance base building and can also be used for upgrades, which are crucial for improving Gear Score, an essential factor for survival in the early game. Upgrading tools and armor, as well as acquiring other necessary recipes, can cost a significant amount of T1 Essence.

Where to Find T1 Essence Nightingale

The Antiquarian, Provision, and Astrolabe Major Realm Cards are the key areas for finding Tier 1 resources, including T1 Essence. These realms offer quests, points of interest (POIs), and resources that are tailored to the difficulty of the tier. T1 Essence can be obtained by completing quests, exploring POIs, and even defeating enemies, as long as you are in a Realm augmented with the three Major Cards.

How to Farm T1 Essence in Nightingale

For those looking to quickly obtain T1 Essence, the Fae Tower is a great place to start. The tower features combat objectives that award T1 Essence and mobs that occasionally drop them. Upon reaching the top of the tower, players will be rewarded with a Fae Chest filled with goodies and T1 Essence. A single run of the Fae Tower can yield over 100 T1 Essence, making it an efficient farming method.

Another tip for increasing T1 Essence farming efficiency is to access the realm’s Minor Card machine while at the top of the tower and use a Treasure Card, which allows for more Essence drops in the world.

Alternatively, hunting wildlife can also yield T1 Essence, although this method relies more on luck and may take longer than clearing the Fae Tower.