Fortnite Rocket Racing Adds Speed Run Mode And More In Fresh Update

Fortnite Rocket Racing Mode Receives New Update

Fortnite has received a lot of new updates in the past few weeks, and its Rocket Racing mode is no exception. A recent patch has added the “Speed Run” mode to the game, which challenges players to produce the best lap times they can on each course, including Riviera, Anaconda, and Olympus.

As the blog post announcing the update explains, the mode turns off player collisions so players can focus on pure racing, and you can’t use slipstreams from other drivers either. The match times are long enough for you to get multiple shots to improve your time, with the best one being added to the track’s seasonal leaderboard. The mode also features classic racing-game style ghosts to help you see where you can improve your racing lines.

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This latest update for Rocket Racing also adds quests to the Speed Run mode, improved controls on mobile, and more cosmetics in the form of the Diestro Car Bundle (as well as others), which will be free for players who already own the car in Rocket League. It also added some other cool features, like the ability to do an air roll, and significant updates to the physics and handling models of the vehicles.

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