How to make Opposite in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft: Creating the Opposite Element

It’s time to add some balance to the world of web browser games by mastering the art of creating Opposite in Infinite Craft.

Image: PC Invasion

Opposite Recipes

Element 1Element 2Result
Dust BunnyYin YangOpposite

Creating Opposite in Infinite Craft involves combining various elements, with Dust Bunny and Ying Yang being the quickest route. The rationale behind some combinations may seem puzzling, like how rabbits and yin-yang symbols result in “Opposite.” However, in the realm of the game, logic takes a backseat to creativity.

Element 1Element 2Result

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Experiment with Opposite and other elements to discover intriguing combinations. For instance, combining Jedi with Opposite creates Sith, while Avengers with Opposite yields the Justice League.

If you want to safeguard your progress after unlocking these unique recipes, learn how to transfer save files in Infinite Craft.