All Blessings list in Last Epoch

Last Epoch: Blessings Breakdown

Blessings in Last Epoch are crucial permanent buffs for your characters, obtained by completing timelines in the Monolith of Fate. These blessings can greatly enhance your gameplay experience by improving item drop rates and increasing stats based on the timeline you conquer.

Fall of the Outcasts Blessings (Level 58)

Curse of Flesh30-50% increased Huge Idol drop rate
Favor of Souls30-50% increased Ornate Idol drop rate
Mark of Agony30-50% increased Adorned Idol drop rate
Memory of the Living10-15% increased Glyph drop rate
Pride of Rebellion30-50% increased Grand Idol drop rate
Scales of Greed25-40% increased Gold drop rate
Sight of the Outcasts30-50% increased Large Idol drop rate
Sign of Torment30-50% increased Rune drop rate
Strength of Mind4-6% increased EXP
Winds of Fortune10-15% increased Unique Item drop rate

The Stolen Lance Blessings (Level 62)

Apex of Fortune15-30% increased Quiver drop rate
Arrogance of Argentus10-20% increased Helmet drop rate
Birds of Sanctuary15-30% increased Shield drop rate
Embrace of Ice10-20% increased Body Armor drop rate
Grip of the Lance15-30% increased Gloves drop rate
Might of the Siege15-30% increased Belt drop rate
Reach of Flame15-30% increased Off-Hand Catalyst drop rate
Right of Conquest15-30% increased Boots drop rate
Slumber of Morditas12-25% increased Relic drop rate
Talon of Granduer15-30% increased Ring drop rate
Vision of the Aurora15-30% increased Amulet drop rate

Reminder: There are normal and Empowered timelines. Empowered timelines are always at level 100, and will increase the stats of your Blessings. We’ll only be covering normal timeline Blessings here.

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