Check Out These Cheap Alternatives To Helldivers 2 On Xbox

Alternative Games to Helldivers 2 on Xbox

Helldivers 2 has been gaining popularity recently, allowing players to engage in interstellar democracy once the server issues were resolved. Unfortunately for Xbox players, the game is only accessible on PS5 and PC, leaving them out of the action. While there is uncertainty about Helldivers 2 coming to Xbox Series X, there are numerous other games available with a similar cooperative gameplay style that won’t break the bank.

While nothing quite matches the chaos of Helldivers 2, there are several fantastic cooperative games on Xbox that offer a comparable experience. Consider trying out Remnant 2, which is currently discounted to $30 from $50, providing a challenging survival experience with additional firepower at your disposal.

For those seeking a more light-hearted approach, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is priced at $10 on Xbox One and $20 on Xbox Series X. Borderlands 3: Next Level Edition, which includes a wealth of DLC content, is also available for $10 (originally $70).

If your goal is to eliminate swarms of enemies alongside friends, Warhammer: Darktide is now priced at $20 and offers a focus on melee combat that differs from Helldivers 2 but delivers a satisfying wave-based combat experience.

Below, we have compiled a list of our top picks for games similar to Helldivers 2 on Xbox.

Best Alternatives to Helldivers 2 on Xbox

If none of these options appeal to you, subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate might be worth considering. This service not only features some of the aforementioned games but also provides access to Dead Island 2, a chaotic cooperative game with a strong RPG element. For a fun and engaging multiplayer experience, Dead Island 2 is a clear choice.

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