Become A Shark And Eat Your Friends In Roblox’s Jaws Game

Exciting News for Roblox Fans: Jaws Comes to Life in New Game

1975’s beloved film Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, is making a splash in the world of Roblox. Orange Comet, a gaming company, has unveiled Jaws: Infested Waters, an exhilarating experience within Roblox that is now available through a soft launch.

Just like the iconic movie, Infested Waters centers around the thrilling showdown between a killer great white shark and the unsuspecting beachgoers on Amity Island during the summer season. In each game session, one player is randomly chosen to control the shark, while the remaining participants take on the roles of humans attempting to collaborate to survive.

The game boasts customizable shark abilities and underwater combat, allowing players to utilize the shark’s tail to quickly navigate the map. Additionally, there is a “Sea Pass” option that provides players with access to extra items. Be sure to watch the trailer for Infested Waters below.

This isn’t the first video game adaptation of Jaws, as various companies have previously attempted to capitalize on the film’s popularity with titles like Jaws for the NES (1987) and Jaws: The Computer Game (1989).

Officially launching in March on Roblox, Infested Waters promises to deliver an exciting and immersive gaming experience for fans of the Jaws franchise.

Orange Comet, based in Burbank, California, has a strong track record in the gaming industry, having worked on prominent projects such as The Walking Dead series and The Walking Dead Lands. The studio has also ventured into creating NFTs for notable figures like Scottie Pippen and the NHL.