Best Classes in Last Epoch, ranked

Best Masteries in Last Epoch

Class selection is crucial in Last Epoch, as it determines not only how you play the game but also how easy it will be to dominate it. To help you make the best choice, here are the top Masteries in Last Epoch ranked:

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Classes and Masteries are distinct entities in Last Epoch. Masteries serve as builds within classes that specialize in specific aspects of the base Class Skill. For example, a Sentinel can become a Paladin focusing on raw strength or a Void Knight harnessing power from the Void to passively damage enemies. To determine the top Classes in Last Epoch, we must first rank their Masteries into different tiers. Refer to the table below to see how each Mastery stacks up:

SLichAcolyteAn acolyte who has embraced the corruptive nature of her power and uses the magic of blood and death at the expense of her own health. Stealing life, consuming the essence of the dead and the damned for strength. This power will make her invincible.
SDruidPrimalistA conduit for the long-dormant power of Eterra, he bends the fury of nature to his will even as he takes the form of ferocious creatures. He is an avatar of the Earth’s latent power, Eterra’s bastion against all that would threaten her.
SRunemasterMageA savant who tamed the power of raw arcane, weaving its chaos with the art of runes. The Runemaster infuses magic into offensive and protective wards that devastate those who trespass them, ensnaring his foes, raising walls at his whim.
SPaladinSentinelWhere a blow would strike him down, the light within rises; when his allies would cower, this light gives him the ability to lead. A righteous warrior focused on empowering and healing his allies who can take down swaths of enemies with holy fire.
ABladedancerRogueAn artisan of shadows, she dashes out of the reach of her enemies, each movement another deadly cut. Her blade finds its target, and the next, again and again, they fall. She dodges their strikes and makes them pay dearly for it. She dances and kills.
AMarksmanRogueOne arrow pierces through a heart and shatters a skull behind it — the next arrow jolts from her bow, sparks crackling in its path. The arrows break one body, then another, and another, a dozen dead — still, more come. She has enough arrows for them all.
AWarlockAcolyteA master of the forbidden arts, she tears into the essence of her foes, twisting and corrupting their spirits. Curses that dim the mind and break the body, the faintest word from her lips bear vile enough magic to snuff the life of her enemies entirely.
ANecromancerAcolyteFlesh, bone, blood, and the lingering essence left in life’s wake — these are her tools, her weapons. She is the master of a forsaken army, her dark creations swarming her foes with the hunger of the dead. A hunger borne from her power and fed at her command.
AFalconerRogueNever fight alone. Never fight fair. A master tactician who employs deceptive traps and the aid of a fearsome bird of prey. She survives due to her wits, ingenuity, and most of all, due to her falcon’s loyalty.
BForge GuardSentinelSkill, strength, steel, and the knowledge his training will prevail. His strikes are surer than hope, and his armor is stronger than despair; a bulwark of steel whose mastery of weapons, armor, and molten metal dominates the battlefield.
BBeastmasterPrimalistA warrior who takes command with the might of beasts, leading by example with strength and power. He charges forward, the ferocity of his companions infusing his body — the heart of the wild beats within him. Fury leading his way.
BVoid KnightSentinelA sentinel who has taken part of the Void inside himself and uses it to devastate his foes. His swings leave trails of Void that eagerly consume the essence of his enemies, darkness eating them away from the inside out.
BSpellbladeMageA mage who has mixed martial prowess with their mastery of spells to face enemies in close range. A sword coated in ice and flame, a shield gleaming with wards. The Spellblade is as brilliant as he is deadly.
CShamanPrimalistThe world remembers winds that rage and tear down forests, avalanches that shatter mountainsides, lightning that cracks the sky open and demands awe. A living storm that uses nature’s fury to destroy his enemies with the aid of sacred totems.
CSorcererMageA master of the arcane who wields unprecedented power to devastate his foes from a distance. Unearthly lightning erupts from his fingertips, flaming meteors rain from the heavens by his will, the very fabric of reality reshapes itself in his presence.

Best Classes in Last Epoch

With the top Masteries identified, we can now determine the best Classes in Last Epoch. Each Class has high- and low-tier Masteries, showcasing the depth and variety in build possibilities. Let’s delve into the rankings:

SAcolyteA rebellious scion who disobeyed her masters and sought out forbidden magic, the Acolyte will let nothing stop her from becoming more powerful.
ARogueUnrivaled in bow and blade, the Rogue strikes out from the shadows to find a higher purpose for her deadly talents.
ASentinelStrong in honor and fearsome in combat, the Sentinel stands stalwart against what is unjust even at the end of the world.
BPrimalistA warrior from the north who has seen the horrors of war firsthand, the Primalist seeks communion with the power of Eterra, the power of nature itself.
BMageAn Elder cresting his prime, the Mage wields the power of the arcane to make up for his past wrongs and to give the world a new future.

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When choosing your Class and Mastery in Last Epoch, consider your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect fit for you. Remember, your choice is permanent, so choose wisely!

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