Supermassive Games Laying off About 90 People

Supermassive Games Plans Layoffs

Supermassive Games, the developer behind popular titles like Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures, has announced plans to lay off some of its employees. Reports surfaced indicating that the UK-based company is considering terminating approximately 90 workers, putting 150 jobs at risk.

In a statement confirmed on Twitter after Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier broke the news, the studio acknowledged the challenges facing the game industry. The statement expressed regret over the decision to enter a consultation period that may result in job losses for some employees.

Despite the difficult situation, Supermassive Games assured that the process will be handled with respect and compassion. However, the news of potential terminations likely offers little solace to those affected.

The layoffs at Supermassive Games reflect a trend in the industry following the bursting of the COVID-19 profit bubble. Many gaming companies have resorted to staff reductions after experiencing rapid expansions and acquisitions. While Supermassive Games achieved success with Until Dawn, its recent ventures, like The Dark Pictures series, have not matched the same level of popularity. Additionally, the departure of studio co-founders Pete and Joe Samuels earlier this month adds to the company’s challenges.