Pentiment director blames “bug” as former Xbox console exclusive runs better on PS5

Former Xbox Exclusive Game Runs Smoother on PlayStation 5

Players have recently discovered that the former Xbox exclusive game, Pentiment, runs smoother on PlayStation 5 compared to Xbox Series X/S. A social media user shared a screenshot from a video comparison that showed Pentiment running at 120fps on PlayStation 5 and only 60fps on Xbox Series X.

The director of Pentiment, Josh Sawyer, addressed this issue after fans brought it to his attention. He acknowledged that the 120fps feature was not enabled on Xbox and assured players that it would be included in the next patch. According to Sawyer, this discrepancy was simply a “bug” that needed to be fixed, despite the game being available on Xbox since 2022. Fortunately, a solution is on the way.

Image credit: AlkaJugger via PeterOvo

It seems that Pentiment is not the only Xbox game making its way to PlayStation platforms. Grounded, another title from Obsidian, is set to release on PlayStation 4 and 5 on 16th April, the same date as its launch on the Nintendo Switch confirmed during a recent Nintendo Direct. Additionally, Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves are also scheduled to arrive on PS5 later this year, with Hi-Fi Rush launching on 19th March and Sea of Thieves following on 30th April.