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August Daily Schedule

As July exams wrap up, August is a month of freedom with no school, but unfortunately, the school-related Social Links are put on hold until September. This opens up the opportunity to focus on other Social Links not tied to Gekkokan High. For those interested in games similar to Persona 3, PlayerAuctions is a good place to explore.

Continuing from last month’s Special Track Training event, August 1 and 2 will be filled with training during after-school hours, leaving your nights free. Use the first night to hang out with President Tanaka and the second night to dine at Wakatsu.

On August 3, two individuals, Shuichi Niimura and Yasuko Murabayashi, will go missing in Tartarus. Spend time with Maiko in the day and head to Tartarus to rescue them. Shuichi can be found between Floors 78 and 71, while Yasuko is located between Floors 83 and 89. After rescuing them, continue progressing through Tartarus until you reach the border of the Monad block.

August 4 and 5 offer some downtime, so spend the day with Nozomi and Tanaka, then with Maiko on the 5th, ending the night with a game of You’re The Answer arcade game.

August 6 marks this month’s Full Moon Operation, so be prepared for this event. August 7 introduces a new Social Link character, Hayase, who can be found in the Iwatodai Strip Mall. Interacting with Hayase requires a high Courage level, which you should have attained by this point. After meeting Hayase, dine at Hagakure for the night.

On August 8, Koromaru joins your party, granting access to more parts of Tartarus. Spend the day with Maiko and explore more of Tartarus at night, aiming to reach Floor 105. August 9 is the last free day before summer school begins, so hang out with Maya during the day, reaching her maximum rank, and then dine at Wakatsu at night.

August 10 to 15 will be occupied by Summer School, where Mitsuru enrolls you forcibly. Although you can’t engage in other activities during this week, you will gain 2 Academic points per day. On the 16th, the Summer Festival takes place, allowing you to choose a girl to deepen your relationship with.

August 17 involves another visit to the TV shop, followed by hanging out with Nozomi and dining at Wakatsu. Repeat a similar routine on the 18th, but head to Tartarus at night, striving to reach Floor 118.

The 19th presents another missing persons case with Satsuki Onozuka. Spend the morning with Maiko and dine at Wakatsu. On the 20th, hang out with Nozomi, engage in a story cutscene, and play the You’re The Answer arcade game. August 21 is spent with Hayase, ending the night at Wakatsu.

By August 22, you should complete Maiko’s Social Link after spending the day with her. Nighttime should be reserved for President Tanaka. On the 23rd, Akinari awaits at Naganaki Shrine, initiating a Social Link that requires a pen. Retrieve the pen from Koromaru in Iwatodai Dorm and begin Akinari’s Social Link. Conclude the day with dinner at Wakatsu.

August 24 and 25 involve outings with Nozomi and dinner at Wakatsu. Continue Hayase’s story on August 26, dining at a restaurant. August 27 and 28 follow a similar routine with Nozomi and President Tanaka. By the 29th, you should complete both Nozomi’s and Tanaka’s Social Links.

On the 30th, level up Akinari’s Social Link and spend the night clearing the remainder of Tartarus and solving the missing persons case. The first missing person is located between Floors 100 and 104, and the second between Floors 106 and 111. Once done, face the boss Shadows in this part of Tartarus before heading to the movie theater with Ken for a Courage boost.

Classroom Answers

August is a school break month, with classes suspended.

September Daily Schedule

As September rolls in, school resumes, allowing you to revisit student Social Links. Stay prepared for the Full Moon Operation and focus on increasing your social stats to unlock additional Social Links.

On September 1, complete Kazushi’s Social Link and reach maximum level. Use the School X Forum Note on the Shared Computer in the evening. September 2 features a mandatory story event, leaving your evening free. Utilize this time to max out your Academics personality by dining out.

September 3 introduces a new missing person, Reiko Makita, who must be rescued by the next day. Head to Tartarus to locate her between Floors 101 and 117. Spend the remaining evening preparing for the upcoming Full Moon Operation and continue the Magician Social Link with Kenji. September 4 has Mitsuru tasking you with delivering an envelope to Aragaki. Prioritize hanging out with Bebe and dining at Hagakure.

The Full Moon Operation takes place on the 5th. Use the 6th to shop at the TV store, hang out with Akinari, and have a burger at Wilduck Burger. On the 7th, progress Odagiri’s Social Link and max out your Charm stat by eating at Hagakure. Focus on leveling your Courage stat on September 8 by spending time with Chihiro and eating another burger at Wilduck Burger.

Hang out with Yuko on the 9th to reach level 4 and learn about Monk Mutatsu at Club Escapade. Ensure your Courage rank is at 4 to interact with him. Complete the day with a Courage-boosting meal at Wilduck Burger. September 10 marks the addition of more Tartarus floors and the opportunity to initiate Yukari’s Social Link. Complete Elizabeth’s request for a Fruit Knife before starting Mutatasu’s Social Link at Club Escapade.

On September 11, hang out with Kenji after school and handle the Fruit Knife request. Progress through Tartarus to Floor 126 and tackle the missing person case of Bunkichi, crucial to save by October 3. Spend time with Yuko on the 12th and engage in activities with Aigis and Mutatsu to advance the Social Links. On September 13, allocate time for Akinari and Mutatsu.

Unlock Fuuka’s Social Link on September 14 with a maxed Courage stat. Continue exploring Tartarus up to Floor 136 at night. September 15 concludes Kenji’s Social Link after spending time with him. Spend the night with Ken in the dorm for story content. The 16th involves activities with Yuko and Ken in the dorm. On September 17, engage with Chihiro and Mutatsu.

The days from September 18 to 20 are skipped due to events and rest. Enjoy a holiday on the 21st with Aragaki and reach the first border of Tziah in Tartarus on Floor 144. The 22nd introduces two new missing persons, Aki Kurobe and Yasunobo Shimozono. Spend time with Koromaru during the day and cook with Aragaki in the evening.

On September 23, interact with Hayase and then Akihiko at night. Continue with Yukari and Mutatsu on the 24th, followed by activities with Bebe and Mutatsu on the 25th. Engage with Yuko and Mutatsu on the 26th, Akinari and Mutatsu on the 27th, and Odagiri with Mitsuru in a cooking session on the 28th. September 29 involves Chihiro and a gardening session with Fuuka, while the 30th is spent with Yuko and Akihiko in a cooking activity.

Classroom Answers

  • September 1: Resistance
  • September 10: To Reveal A Secret
  • September 11: The Hermetica
  • September 14: Their soulmate
  • September 25: Tetractys