Best Mage build in Last Epoch

If you’ve chosen the Mage class but are unsure about which build to pursue, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the top Mage builds in Last Epoch.

With various builds available per Mastery, selecting the best of the best is crucial. In Last Epoch, the Runemaster Mastery stands out as the top Mage Mastery, offering the best build among the three Masteries. The standout Mage build in Last Epoch is undoubtedly the Spark Charge Runemaster.

Last Epoch: What is the best Mage build

While both the Spellblade and Sorcerer classes offer intriguing builds, it is the Runemaster that emerges as the standout Mage Mastery in Last Epoch, featuring the best build of the three Masteries. The Spark Charge Runemaster build takes the crown as the supreme choice for Mages in Last Epoch.

Screenshot: Eleventh Hour Games

Best Spark Charge Runemaster build

The Spark Charge Runemaster build focuses on empowering Lightning spells, boasting a sturdy build capable of swiftly dispatching enemies. With excellent survivability due to its Ward generation, this build leans towards melee combat with skills like Enchant Weapon and Mana Strike. However, the Lightning Blast skill allows for long-range attacks. Additionally, Flame Ward provides defensive capabilities by granting Ward, while Frost Claw complements melee attacks (replace with the Teleport skill on your hotbar).

Best Spark Charge Runemaster Skills and Specializations

  • Mana Strike
    • Mana Spark 1/3
    • Spark Charges 4/4
    • Swift Sap 3/4
    • Rage Sap 2/5
    • Rune Sap 3/3
    • Teleporting Strikes 1/1
    • Star Guide 1/1
    • Sprite Blade 4/5
    • Repulsing Strikes 2/3
  • Lightning Blast
    • Arcing Power 3/4
    • Frontloaded 2/5
    • Cloud Answer 3/3
    • Final Spark 1/1
    • Mortal Capacitator 5/5
    • Storm Razor 1/3
    • Lightning Attunement 2/2
    • Chain Lightning 2/4
    • Convergence 1/1
    • Divergence 1/1
  • (Additional skills and specializations provided in the original text)

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