Metroidvania ‘Turbo Kid’ Brings Gore, Pixel Art And BMX Tricks To The Apocalypse

Publisher Unveils Trailer for Retro-Inspired Metroidvania Turbo Kid

Publisher and developer Outerminds has revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming retro-inspired metroidvania Turbo Kid, and it’s shaping up to be quite impressive.

Based on the 2015 award-winning indie film of the same name, Turbo Kid takes players on a journey through an apocalyptic wasteland, equipped with a variety of powerful weapons and a trusty BMX.

In this world, water is rare, society has collapsed, and warlords in eccentric outfits rule the wastelands. Picture Mad Max meets BMX. And get ready for plenty of exploding bodies.

A free demo of Turbo Kid is now accessible on Steam, with a full PC launch scheduled for April 10th. For Switch enthusiasts, Outerminds has confirmed that the game will be arriving on the Nintendo hybrid “soon after.” Keep an eye out for more updates.

What to Expect from Turbo Kid:

  • Pedal to the Metal! – Navigate challenging levels in the first Metroidvania adventure with an all-terrain bike.
  • More Gore! – Experience over-the-top gore in pixel art with precise rag-doll physics.
  • Turbo Skills = Turbo Thrills! – Discover power-ups and weapons to enhance your journey.
  • All-New Story! – Developed with the brains behind Turbo Kid with a unique narrative.
  • Play Your Own Way! – Choose between the Kid and ‘Apple’ from the movie.

For a full list of features, visit the Outerminds website. Keep your fingers crossed for a speedy Switch release!

Excited for Turbo Kid? Ready to play it on Switch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.