How to complete all Lovely Monsters Star Path tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Wonderful Creatures Star Trail is now accessible in Disney Dreamlight Valley! To gather some fantastic Monsters Inc. and Valentine-themed prizes, you must acquire Scream Canisters by finishing Star Trail Duties. To help you tackle each assignment, this manual outlines every Lovely Creatures Task in DDV and how to finish them.

How to Complete All Lovely Creatures Duties in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To locate your current Star Trail Duties in Disney Dreamlight Valley, access the Event section and choose Duties. While some Duties are straightforward, others may require some thought. The list below details each Duty in the Lovely Monsters Star Trail and their completion requirements.

  • “Uproot the Forgetting” – Remove 50 Night Thorns or Splinters of Fate
  • Break some rocks – Mine rock spots 40 times
  • Complete Dreamlight Duties – Finish 10 Dreamlight or Mist Duties
  • Spend time with some classic friends – Spend 15 minutes with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Merlin, or Scrooge
  • It’s better to give a favorite gift than receive – Give 3 favorite gifts to villagers
  • Build stuff – Craft 10 items
  • Engage in Goofy’s favorite pastime – Catch 30 fish
  • Harvest some bright red berries – Harvest 50 Raspberries, Gooseberries, or Strawberries
  • Make small talk – Have 2 daily discussions
  • Earn some Star Coins – Earn 5,000 Star coins
  • Get some very valuable rocks – Mine 30 minerals (gems)
  • Cross some items off your regal to-do list – Complete 10 Dreamlight or Mist Duties
  • Spend time with your favorite trash-compactor robot – Hang out with WALL-E for 15 minutes
  • Harvest Maui’s gift to the Valley – Harvest 50 Coconuts
  • Cook meals that would never make the cut at Chez Remy – Prepare 10 1-star meals
  • Dig for something blue – Mine Aquamarine, Sapphire, Zircon, or Vitalys Crystal
  • Bring your favorite Madrigal some gifts – Give Mirabel 4 of her favorite gifts
  • Work a shift at the restaurant – Serve 3 meals at Chez Remy
  • Play “Go Fish” with some bass – Catch 20 bass
  • Prepare meals with a fruit that’s red on the outside and white on the inside – Cook 10 meals with Apple as an ingredient
  • Have a chat with a demigod – Engage in 2 daily discussions with Maui

Since the Lovely Monsters Star Trail is fresh, we are actively working on completing each Duty. Make sure to check back regularly as more tasks and solutions are uncovered! We’re watching… always watching.

How to “get some very valuable rocks” in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The easiest way to fulfill the “Get some very valuable rocks” Duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to mine inside the Vitalys Mines in Sunlit Plateau. This location is rich in nodes, with most of them containing Vitalys Crystals that contribute to the goal of 30 minerals.

Vitalys Mine is also ideal for completing the “Dig for something blue” and “Break some rocks” Duties. Utilize some Miracle Pickaxe Polish and bring a mining buddy for quicker results.

All Lovely Monster Star Trail rewards

Exchange the Scream Cannisters you acquire from Star Trail Duties for rewards in the Rewards segment of the Event tab. You must unlock at least three rewards from the previous page before claiming the next.

Star Trail RewardTokens (Scream Canister)Page
100x Moonstone101
Boo’s Door51

Be sure to fulfill your duties and claim your rewards by April 17th, 2024. There is usually a grace period of a few weeks between each Star Trail to redeem the remaining tokens, as they will no longer be attainable after that date.

Some select Star Trail rewards may make a comeback in the Premium Shop, but many items will remain exclusive to Star Trails. Go on and grab them, googly bear!