Raft – How to Get Titanium

You need Titanium in Raft to craft all types of electrical machines and end-game tools.

Even in the late game, obtaining a large amount of Titanium isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know where you can find it.

How to Find Titanium in Raft

As for now, there is no way to obtain Titanium directly other than smelting Titanium Ores in the Smelter.

So, how do you obtain Titanium Ore?

1. Find Treasures

The first method to get Titanium Ore is by collecting treasures.

Treasures in Raft can be found by using a Metal Detector and digging them up with a Shovel.

The Metal Detector recipe can be found on the fourth story island – Caravan Island. It’s located underwater, inside the container that contains the Infirmary key.

After finding the recipe, return to your raft and craft the Metal Detector using 12 Plastics, 6 Scraps, and 1 Battery.

This recipe is located in the Tools tab, which is the third tab with the shovel and hammer icon on it. If you don’t see the recipe, try researching the required materials in the Research Table first.

Next, craft a Shovel using 1 Metal Ingot, 1 Bolt, and 6 Planks. This recipe is located in the same Tools tab as the Metal Detector.

Treasures only spawn on certain islands, and each island type has a maximum number of treasures on them.

  • Small tropical islands and desert islands: 1 treasure
  • Large tropical islands and evergreen islands: 2-3 treasures
  • Balboa Island: 3-6 treasures

Once you’re on the correct island, select the Metal Detector and hold the left mouse button to scan the area.

The closer you are to the treasure, the faster the Metal Detector plays its beeping sound. The lights on the Metal Detector will also fill up all the way to the right with green once you’re close enough to the treasure.

The Metal Detector has durability and will break over time, so it’s advisable to only hold the left mouse button shortly at a time to determine the direction of the treasure.

After determining the direction, follow that direction for a few steps and use the Metal Detector again. Doing this saves a lot of battery time, making the Metal Detector last much longer.

Once the Metal Detector starts making a different sound at a lower tone and rhythm, and all the lights are lit up, you’re standing right above the treasure.

You can now use a Shovel to get the treasure up by digging 3 times at the spot where the treasure is.

If you don’t see a pile of dirt the first time you dig, you may be digging in the wrong spot. Try to use the Metal Detector again to locate the treasure’s location.

It’s worth noting that you can’t just use a Shovel and go digging randomly to find treasures, as they only spawn after you successfully use a Metal Detector to locate them.

There are four types of treasures, and only two of them can contain Titanium Ores.

  • Trash Pile: has a 42.5% chance to appear when dug up and doesn’t contain any Titanium Ore.
  • Tiki Piece: has a 7.5% chance and doesn’t contain any Titanium Ore.
  • Briefcase: has a 30% chance and always contains 1 Titanium Ore. It also gives 4 to 6 items, with each item having an 8.3% chance of being a Titanium Ore.
  • Safe: has a 20% chance and always contains 3 Titanium Ores. It also gives 4 to 6 items, each with a 9.3% chance of being a Titanium Ore.

This is by far the most resource-friendly and reliable method to get Titanium Ores in Raft. However, it’s really time-consuming as you need to travel from island to island to look for treasures.

2. Find Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are just another variation of treasures.

While there are 10 loot box types, only 2 of them can contain Titanium Ores. They are:

  • Tangaroa Suitcase: each item in this loot box has a 4.3% chance of being a Titanium Ore.
  • Tangaroa Safe: the chance is increased to 10.5% for each item in this loot box.

These loot boxes exclusively appear on Tangaroa, which is the fifth story island in Raft.

This method requires nothing but time, as you just need to explore the whole city of Tangaroa to gather all the loot boxes.

Since Titanium is really valuable, there are also special and hidden areas that always have Titanium Ore, including:

  • Tangaroa: has a hidden floor that contains 1 Tangaroa Suitcase and 3 Tangaroa Safes. There is also another hidden room under the crane in the storage room with 5 more Titanium Ores.
  • Caravan Island: there is a safe loot box in the underwater ravine behind the Metal Detector blueprint.
  • Temperance: there are 2 radiated bunkers with 5 Titanium Ores, but you need to complete the story here first to clear the radiation.

3. Purchase at the Trading Post

The final method to get Titanium Ores is by trading with the Trading Post.

The Trading Post sells 3 Titanium Ores for 3 Trash Cubes and 1 Trade Coin.

This may be too costly at first, but when you’re in the late game and don’t have to buy other things, this method is the fastest way to get Titanium Ores.

Assuming you have enough Trash Cubes and Trade Coins, you can purchase up to 15 Titanium Ores per island.

Since the Trading Post only spawns on large islands, you can also use the first method to find treasures to get additional Titanium Ores.

If you’re lucky, you can get up to 24 Titanium Ores, sometimes even a bit more, per large tropical island.

Smelt Titanium Ores to Get Titanium

Once you have Titanium Ores, smelt them in either a Smelter or an Electric Smelter to get Titanium.

The smelting process is similar to how you smelt Metal Ores and takes 120 seconds, so it can be an advantage to make several smelters so you can smelt more at a time.

That’s how to get Titanium in Raft.

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