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What is the Issue with Nightingale Shards Error?

Players of Nightingale’s Early Access have been encountering various errors since the game’s launch. One of the most common issues is the “error getting shards for client” message, which has left many players confused. This error occurs when a connection cannot be established between the player’s PC and the game servers. While this can be frustrating, the developers at Inflexion Games are actively working to resolve this issue through ongoing maintenance. During maintenance, servers may be unavailable, and online activities may be restricted.

How to Resolve the Nightingale Error Getting Shards

If you are facing the Nightingale Shards Error, there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve it:

  • Restart the game on Steam and check for any pending updates.
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, either wired or wireless, to prevent packet loss and ping spikes that may trigger the error.
  • Stay updated on server maintenance announcements by joining Nightingale’s official Discord group or following them on Twitter.
  • If you are using a VPN, try turning it off as it may cause compatibility issues with the game.
  • If all else fails, consider rebooting your computer, uninstalling, and then reinstalling the game, preferably on your PC’s SSD.

If the issue persists and you believe it is not related to your network or a server problem, you can report the error to Nightingale’s developers with screenshots through their Discord group.

When Can Players Expect the Nightingale Shards Error to Be Resolved?

Nightingale underwent server maintenance on February 21, 2024, which lasted between 30 minutes to an hour. The presence of the error message is not indicative of a broken game but rather a result of necessary server maintenance by the developers. While it is uncertain whether this issue will recur, Inflexion Games is committed to providing players with an optimal gaming experience by addressing such challenges promptly.