How to Make Doge in Infinite Craft

Crafting Doge in Infinite Craft

Ever wondered how to bring Doge into the world of Infinite Craft? This viral browser game allows players to create a wide range of items, including iconic meme figures. If crafting the beloved Doge is on your to-do list, we’ve got you covered.

Infinite Craft Doge Combination

Image Source: Neal.Fun via Twinfinite

The combination to make Doge in Infinite Craft is Doge Vegas + Dust.

Although not the simplest combination in the game, we will guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary elements. Doge Vegas may prove to be the most challenging component, even though it doesn’t directly relate to the Doge meme in our crafting journey.

How to Make Doge Vegas

You can create Doge Vegas in Infinite Craft by combining Las Vegas and Dogecoin. Let’s explore how to acquire these ingredients, which are relatively common. We are skipping the four starter components and focusing on those you may already have from experimenting with different combinations.

  • Train + Captain = Conductor
  • Conductor + Clay = Orchestra
  • Orchestra + Electricity = Electric Guitar
  • Electric Guitar + Conductor = Rockstar
  • Wedding + Rockstar = Elvis
  • Elvis + Bacon = Elvis Presley
  • Elvis Presley + Electric Guitar = Rock and Roll
  • Rock and Roll + Vase = Rock
  • Rock + Tornado = Meteor
  • Rockstar + Vegas = Gambling
  • Meteor + Gambling = Las Vegas
  • Wedding + Rockstar = Elvis
  • Coin + Pop Tart = Bitcoin
  • Elvis + Bitcoin = Dogecoin
  • Las Vegas + Dogecoin = Doge Vegas

How to Make Dust

To craft Dust in Infinite Craft, combine Wind and Earth. This is one of the simplest crafting recipes in the game, requiring only these two basic components. This simplicity makes up for the challenge of creating Doge Vegas!

Since Wind and Earth are available in every Infinite Craft save, all you need to do is combine them.

Infinite Craft Doge Recipes

Once you’ve successfully crafted Doge, you can explore a variety of other creations in the game. Here are some of our favorite Doge-related crafts:

  • Priory + Doge = Doghouse
  • Doge + Eel = Dogeel
  • Doge + Sirius = Dog Star
  • Doge + Wave = Surf
  • Doge + Kiln = Ceramic
  • Doge + Darkman = Dogman
  • Doge + Star = Moon

That’s all for this guide! For more tips on Infinite Craft, be sure to explore how to create Call of Duty, Sans, and even Infinite Craft itself. You can also check out Twinfinite’s First Discoveries for additional insights.