Remaking Ed: How Street Fighter 6’s New Character Represents Its Future

Street Fighter 6 Introduces a New and Improved Ed

It’s been a while since Street Fighter V first introduced Ed as a playable character, and fans will be thrilled to see how he has evolved in Street Fighter 6. Still wielding Psycho power like Bison, Ed has undergone some aesthetic changes and his gameplay now feels more refined and powerful than before. The end result is a character that is not only easy to pick up but also offers a deep and rewarding experience for players who are looking to master his potential.

During a recent play session at Capcom Cup X, I had the opportunity to try out Ed in Street Fighter 6 and later had a conversation with SF6 Director Takayuki Nakayama and SF6 Producer Shuhei Matsumoto to learn more about the character’s development and the team’s vision for him.

According to Nakayama, Ed played a crucial role in shaping the direction of Street Fighter 6. “For me personally, he’s a very important character,” Nakayama-san expressed, “He’s kind of the reason why we have modern controls and the World Tour. He has a very interesting story, and one of our main goals with SF6 is to introduce a new generation of Street Fighter characters, including Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, and Ed.”

In Street Fighter 6, Ed is all about Psycho power and punches. His moveset primarily focuses on delivering devastating punches, with a variety of unique strike angles and ranges. Unlike his Street Fighter V incarnation, Ed is now a pure boxer, eliminating kicks from his arsenal.

Nakayama shared his enthusiasm for bringing Ed to life in Street Fighter 6 and emphasized the attention to detail in his animations and movements. The team worked with a professional boxer during motion capture to ensure that Ed’s fighting style was authentic and visually impressive.

Ed’s gameplay in SF6 is smooth and stylish, fitting seamlessly into the game’s systems. His moves utilize standard inputs, making them accessible to both casual and competitive players. Despite being classified as a “Tricky” character with a high skill ceiling, Ed’s tools are straightforward on the surface but offer plenty of depth for those willing to explore his full potential.

Ed’s return in Street Fighter 6 showcases Capcom’s dedication to honoring legacy characters while pushing them to new heights. Nakayama and Matsumoto emphasized the importance of preserving the essence of returning characters like Ed while evolving their storylines and visual design to keep them fresh and exciting for players.

One of Ed’s standout abilities is his Psycho Flicker, a powerful move that creates opportunities for combos and mix-ups. With a mix of powerful strikes and versatile special moves, Ed boasts a well-rounded kit that allows him to dominate in various situations, including mid and long-range combat.

Capcom’s meticulous redesign of Ed represents a deliberate effort to shape the future of the Street Fighter franchise. As Street Fighter 6 continues to evolve, Ed stands out as a dynamic and engaging character that offers both accessibility and complexity to players of all skill levels.