Nvidia might be working on a PC handheld rival to Steam Deck – I just hope it won’t be another Nvidia Shield

The Latest Rumor: Nvidia Developing its Own PC Gaming Handheld

The gaming industry is abuzz with the success of Valve’s Steam Deck, which has paved the way for a new trend in PC gaming handheld devices. Joining the ranks are upcoming devices like the Lenovo Legion Go and Asus ROG Ally. Now, rumor has it that Nvidia is gearing up to enter this market with its own gaming handheld.

According to YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead, Nvidia is reportedly working on a PC gaming handheld that will leverage their graphics IP. The move makes sense considering the growing market for handheld gaming devices, and Nvidia’s desire to establish a presence early on.

One key factor driving Nvidia’s interest is the current dominance of AMD APUs in the handheld gaming market, with Intel alternatives not expected until 2024. This presents a significant opportunity for Nvidia to introduce handhelds powered by its own components, filling a gap in the market.

This isn’t Nvidia’s first attempt

While Nvidia’s entry into the PC gaming handheld space is exciting, it’s not the first time the company has ventured into this segment. The Nvidia Shield, known for its dual role as a portable gaming and streaming device, faced challenges in gaining traction in the market.

Originally positioned as a portable gaming device, the Nvidia Shield struggled to compete with established players like Nintendo. Over time, it pivoted to focus on streaming, offering features like 4K HDR and advanced upscaling capabilities. However, its higher price point compared to competitors limited its appeal to mainstream consumers.

With its new endeavor, Nvidia aims to leverage its experience and technology to create a compelling alternative to devices like the Steam Deck. By potentially partnering with Intel, Nvidia could introduce a premium gaming handheld that addresses the needs of gamers and enthusiasts alike.