Crash Team Rumble Gets Final Content Update Next Week

Crash Team Rumble Final Content Update Coming Soon

Crash Team Rumble, the 4v4 competitive multiplayer game, is receiving its last content update next week, less than a year after its initial launch. Despite this announcement, the game will continue to be playable.

Players logging into the game will see a message notifying them that on March 4, Crash Team Rumble will receive its final content release. However, the game will not be shutting down. The core gameplay experience will still be accessible, and players will be granted a complimentary 500-tier battle pass. This battle pass includes 104 new items spanning Seasons 1 to 3 and all event rewards. Additionally, developer Toys for Bob has chosen to disable Crash Coin purchases. Any remaining coins can be used to purchase battle pass tier skips.

The Journey of Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble made its debut on June 20 last year, which means that the game’s maintenance only endured for approximately seven months. While it is reassuring that the game will continue to be available (especially given its enjoyable gameplay), it is disappointing to witness its support conclude so swiftly.

Our review of Crash Team Rumble awarded it an impressive 8 out of 10. In our review, writer Aron Garst stated, “Crash Team Rumble’s interpretation of multiplayer platforming chaos is distinctive, offering enough complexity to keep players engaged even after extended play sessions. Those in search of a new perspective on the beloved series should definitely give it a shot.”

On a related note, Toys for Bob recently revealed its decision to part ways with Activision Blizzard and venture into independence, potentially forming a partnership with Microsoft. For more details on the studio’s future plans, you can find additional information here.