Complete your side quests before completing chapters in The Thaumaturge

Your Guide to Side Quests in The Thaumaturge

If you’re diving into the world of The Thaumaturge, be prepared for a journey filled with carriages, political turmoil, and the power to control demons. As you step into the shoes of the thaumaturge, Wiktor Szulski, you’ll encounter a plethora of side quests that add depth to your RPG experience.

While the main questline may offer captivating moments and iconic cutscenes, the side quests are equally engaging. However, it’s important to note that these side quests come with a time limit.

In contrast to games like Skyrim where you can juggle being the ultimate warrior with a backlog of low-level side quests, The Thaumaturge operates differently. Side quests in this game have a time constraint tied to the overarching Acts of the story. Each Act features a set number of main and side quests, and some side quests will only be available for a specific duration or until you complete a certain number of main missions.

Image: PC Invasion

Make sure to prioritize completing side quests rather than neglecting them entirely. These quests can reward you with Flaws and Salutor, enhancing your gameplay experience. Additionally, they provide valuable lore and memorable moments that enrich the overall story. If a quest is about to disappear, consider loading a previous save file to ensure you don’t miss out on any content.