How to Get Curved Blade of Winds in Deepwoken

Unlocking Deepwoken Curved Blade of Winds

In Deepwoken, obtaining the Curved Blade of Winds can be quite the challenge. As a Legendary-tier weapon, this blade can only be found in chests scattered throughout specific locations on the map. The drop rates for this rare blade are incredibly low, so you’ll need some luck on your side to add it to your inventory.

  • Curved Blade of Winds only drops from chests in specific locations on the Deepwoken map.

To acquire the Curved Blade of Winds, simply approach a chest in one of these designated regions and interact with it to loot its contents. While the drop rates are low, you can increase your chances by opening multiple chests in quick succession, as opening chests does not deplete any resources.

Unfortunately, there is no way to boost your odds of getting the Curved Blade of Winds with in-game currency or Robux. Your best bet is to keep testing out chests and refreshing the game to try again.

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What Is the Curved Blade of Winds in Deepwoken?

The Curved Blade of Winds is a powerful weapon in Deepwoken with impressive base stats. Upon unlocking this weapon, you can expect the following initial attributes:

MED Scaling5
WND Scaling5
Swing Speed0.8x (two-handed) or 0.78x (one-handed)
Chip Damage5%

Before you can wield the Curved Blade of Winds, your character must meet certain requirements, including 25 MED, 75 WND, and a minimum level of 10. Once these prerequisites are met, you can begin using this formidable weapon.

Whether you opt for a one-handed or two-handed approach with the Curved Blade of Winds, your critical attack will vary. While the damage difference is minimal, keep in mind that a one-handed build may result in slightly less damage due to its faster nature.

The Curved Blade of Winds boasts two unique passive abilities:

Passive AbilityDescription
Gale AftercutNew Aftercut damage effect that does an extra 5% damage after an attack. This increases to 10% if a mantra is active.
Gale AffinityAdds the Suffocate effect to critical attacks. This is enhanced if you have the Haunted Path: Specter attribute equipped.

Now that you’re familiar with the Curved Blade of Winds in Deepwoken, you’re ready to embark on your quest armed with this powerful weapon. For more game tips and information, be sure to explore our guides on uncapped strength, obtaining Purple Cloud, and acquiring the Visionshaper Oath.