How to change your character’s appearance in The Thaumaturge

The Thaumaturge: Changing Your Character’s Appearance

Whether you’re a fan of the 20th-century mohawk or not, customization is key in The Thaumaturge. Here’s how you can switch up your character’s look:

Protagonist Limitation

Unfortunately, you can’t alter the main character in The Thaumaturge. You’ll be stuck playing as Wiktor Szulski, complete with his bloodshot eyes and paternal issues. However, fear not, as there are still ways to customize your gameplay experience.

Changing Your Clothes

To update your wardrobe, head to either the Tailor’s Atelier or your room in the Szulski Family Tenement House, both located in the Northern Srodmiescie district.

Image: PC Invasion

If you assist the Atelier in gaining inspiration, you’ll unlock new clothing options, albeit limited to various color schemes. It seems like Wiktor has a specific style in mind that no rival thaumaturges can sway.

Visiting the Barber

If the default haircut and beard aren’t to your liking, pay a visit to the Barber located in the Powazki Cemetery district.

The Thaumaturg Barber Location
Image: PC Invasion

You can change your hairstyle and beard free of charge, sticking to era-appropriate styles and Warsaw fashion trends. Get ready for some bold mustaches and beards!

Feel free to make multiple visits if you’re in need of a drastic transformation. Keep in mind that during quests, you won’t be able to leave the area, so plan your grooming sessions accordingly.