How to beat Zahira in Queen’s Blood in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

How to Beat Zahira in FF7 Rebirth

Zahira can be a challenging opponent in Queens Blood, especially for newcomers still learning the rules. However, with the right strategy, she is definitely beatable even with the starter deck. Here are some tips to help you emerge victorious:

The Mulligan can decide the match

At the beginning of any Queens Blood game, you have the opportunity to swap out cards you don’t like during the Mulligan phase. While it may be tempting to hold on to high-rank cards, it’s recommended to aim for at least three rank-one cards in your opening hand. Low-rank cards are easier to play without much setup.

One card worth trying to get in your starting hand is the Security Officer, as it can help you establish board control for future turns.

The Strategy

2 Security Officers are a great opener – Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you have the Security Officer card, place it on the back row in the middle as your first move. This will open up the square in front while increasing the rank of the two positions above and below it. Playing offensively with the Starter Deck can be challenging due to limited card options, but you can rely on high-scoring Elphadunk cards as win conditions against Zahira.

Try to advance using cards that open up more playing spaces and don’t forget that you can capture your opponent’s spots if there are no cards in the way. Cards like Levrikon and Grasslands Wolf can help you steal Zahira’s spaces and gain an advantage.

The Win Condition

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Zahira’s cards lack synergy, so the key to victory is usually controlling more spaces than she does. Occupy as many spots as possible, and focus on utilizing your Elphadunks for high scores, especially in rank two spaces towards the end of the match.

Can I rematch Zahira in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth?

If you’re up for a rematch with Zahira, keep in mind that she becomes even more challenging in future encounters. With a deck that powers up her cards and poses a greater threat, facing her again with the Starter Deck might not be enough. Consider challenging her later in the game when you have more cards and the ability to fast-travel back to Kalm.

Though Queens Blood may seem overwhelming at first, don’t be discouraged. Purchase cards from vendors, learn from losses, and soon you’ll be hooked. For more tips on expanding your Materia options, check out our guide on how to add Enemy Skill to your collection.