Suicide Squad Player Count Drops Abysmally Low

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Player Count Plummeting

A recent update from Warner Bros. regarding the performance of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has raised concerns as the game’s player count takes a significant hit. On the Steam platform, the number of concurrent players has dwindled to just a few hundred, indicating a worrying trend that extends to console platforms as well.

Suicide Squad player count doesn’t bode well for its future

According to insights shared by Forbes’ Paul Tassi, the player count for Suicide Squad on Steam has experienced a sharp decline within a short time span. Just recently, the game reported a mere 593 concurrent players, with the number plummeting to as low as 287. These figures are particularly concerning for a live service game, which relies on a strong player base to sustain the costs of server maintenance.

While no specific data is available for PlayStation and Xbox platforms regarding concurrent player counts, Tassi observed that Suicide Squad has been notably absent from Xbox’s top 50 games list for several weeks. This absence raises significant red flags for a game that was recently introduced to the market.

Suicide Squad debuted with predominantly negative reviews, with its PS5 version receiving a lukewarm 60/100 rating on Metacritic. Warner Bros. acknowledged the underperformance of the $70 game during a recent financial briefing, admitting that it had not met the company’s expectations. The outcome has led to a challenging year-over-year comparison for Warner Bros.’ games division in Q1.