Last Epoch impressions: There must always be a Diablo alternative

Blizzard Vs. Indie: The Battle for Action RPG Supremacy Continues

Blizzard’s Diablo games have always sparked controversy among players – too dark, too grindy, loot issues, and more. But with each release, a challenger emerges from the indie scene, offering a pure experience that fans crave.

Enter Last Epoch from Eleventh Hour Games, an indie studio making waves on Steam. Drawing comparisons to Diablo 4, Last Epoch provides a refuge for disgruntled Diablo fans disillusioned by recent Blizzard releases.

The Evolution of Last Epoch

Development for Last Epoch dates back to 2018, preceding the announcement of Diablo 4. This timeline highlights the game’s commitment to delivering a unique ARPG experience, untouched by the shadow of Blizzard’s title.

Lessons from Diablo 3

Reflecting on the rocky launch of Diablo 3, it’s evident that player feedback can shape the future of a game. The controversial design choices in Diablo 3 set the stage for the current battle between Blizzard and indie developers.

It’s hardly cartoony, but Last Epoch’s art style is quite vivid and bright.
Image: Eleventh Hour Games

Rivalry Reimagined

The shift in perception towards Diablo 3 and Diablo 4 reflects the changing landscape of ARPGs. While Diablo 4 embraces a dark aesthetic, Last Epoch opts for a brighter, fantasy vibe, catering to diverse player preferences.

The Power of Customization

The appeal of Last Epoch lies in its intricate skill customization system, offering unparalleled build diversity. In contrast, Diablo 4 struggles to provide the same level of player agency, leading to frustrations within the community.

This is the skill tree for a single skill in Last Epoch; there are over 100 of these in the game.
Image: Eleventh Hour Games

The Dilemma of Choice

Last Epoch sacrifices some refinement for player freedom, a trade-off evident in the game’s design and art. Similarly, Diablo 4 struggles to strike a balance between customization and pre-defined gameplay, leaving players wanting more.

The ongoing battle between Blizzard and indie studios reflects the enduring influence of Diablo on the ARPG genre. While the debate rages on, players can enjoy the variety and innovation offered by games like Titan Quest and Torchlight.