A New Valorant Agent is Being Added for Episode 8 Act 2

New Controller “Smokedancer”

Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 2 is just around the corner, and a new agent is coming along with the next major update. Riot hasn’t revealed any details about the upcoming character, and fans relied on various teasers to figure out the codename “Smokedancer.” Here is everything we know about the Agent 25 in Valorant.

Agent 25 Smokedancer Abilities

According to Valorant leaks, the upcoming agent will be a Controller. Based on the player cards alluding to the character, Agent 25 will be a Moth or Butterfly theme and feature a purple motif. Smokedancer will have a more whimsical side, which breaks from Valorant’s current trend of dark and serious characters.

It’s more likely that the agent’s skills will be moth-based since they are known for their dusty features. This characteristic ties more closely to Controllers, but we need an Agent reveal trailer to see how well this fits the role. We also don’t know whether the next character will be male or female. However, a player card featuring Omen shows a feminine character standing behind him, which might hint at Smokedancer being female.

Agent 25 Smokedancer Abilities

There are no leaks yet regarding Smokedancer’s abilities. However, it is safe to assume that the kit will include colorful smoke and hypnotic elements. Many fans surmised that the agent would have disorienting skills that could concuss or disable enemies. This element could be interwoven with the smoke ability, which would continue with Valorant’s mechanic of including more game-changing effects.

Previous controllers like Viper and Harbor have special abilities that have unique effects. Viper’s orb, for example, can degenerate the enemy’s HP, while Harbor’s dome can act as a shield. Smokedancer will follow suit with this theme and might add disorienting effects to her smoke.

If we follow through with this comparison, we can assume that Smokedancer will have a targeted smoke ability, a smoke screen, and an additional utility. The third tactical skill can be a molly, concuss ability, or another smoke screen. Agent 25’s Ultimate could very well be something that will force players to move around or make enemies wary about entering the site.

One of Phoenix’s newer voice lines hints that Smokedancer will have a self-reviving skill. It’s unknown how this ability would play out or how it would be executed in the game. We surmise it will tie up with Moth’s chrysalis or cocoon stage. This will make Smokedancer the fourth character with a resurrected ability, with Phoenix, Sage, and KAY/0 being the other three.

What Has Riot Say About Smokedancer

While Riot has been pretty mum about Smokedancer, they indicated that this agent aims to be a game-changer Controller. Characters with this role are expected to have a more backline playstyle since teams would want to keep them alive as long as possible so that they can use their smokes. Losing these Agents early in a fight severely limits a team’s opportunities.

Smokedancer rewards players for being risk-takers while playing as a Controller. It’s possible that this agent can still contribute something to their team upon dying or while they are dead. These options can range from smoke exuding from their body when killed to some disorienting effect occurring when shot. In the developer’s own words, Agent 25 will feature gameplay that will give a new life to the Controller role.

When Will They Reveal Smokedancer

Smokedancer’s release will be delayed and break away from Valorant’s tradition of releasing characters almost immediately after a significant update. Episode 8, Chapter 2 is set to release on March 5 at 2 PM PT-Timezone, and the new agent won’t arrive for another month. Riot stated that they would reveal the agent’s lore and kit during the final day of Masters Madrid. We don’t have a date when Smokedancer will be added to the Valorant roster.

Aside from Agent 25, a new Battlepass and Primordium skin bundle will debut alongside Episode 8, Chapter 2. There’s no update yet on the following map rotation, but it will be available when the patch comes up. There will also be new changes to the Premier system, such as Rematch protection and removal of the enrollment feature. Players won’t have to wait too long for the new chapter to be released.