Can Pawmi be shiny in Pokémon Go?

Shiny Pawmi Update: What You Need to Know

Pawmi, the mouse Pokémon from Paldea, has made its way into Pokémon Go. However, players will be disappointed to learn that Pawmi cannot be found in its shiny form in the game just yet.

Being a new addition to the game, Pawmi’s shiny variant is likely to be introduced in a future update or event related to Paldea, walking, or electric-types.

Understanding Pawmi’s Shiny Rate in Pokémon Go

According to past research from The Silph Road, the shiny rate for Pokémon in normal gameplay sits at around one in 500 encounters. However, Pawmi is not considered a Pokémon with a boosted shiny rate, making it a rare spawn.

Tips for Finding Shiny Pokémon

Unfortunately, there isn’t much players can do to increase their chances of encountering a shiny Pokémon. The shiny rates are determined by Niantic and are typically higher during special events like Community Days, Safari Zones, or Legendary Raids. Consumable items that boost shiny rates do not exist in the game.

Where to Track Available Shiny Pokémon

For a comprehensive list of currently available shiny Pokémon, players can refer to LeekDuck’s visual guide. This resource provides a helpful overview of all shiny Pokémon variants.

For additional tips and strategies, Polygon’s Pokémon Go guides are a valuable source of information.