How to beat Dio in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

FF7 Rebirth has a variety of mini-games alongside its fighting sequences, which add fun and diversity to the gameplay experience. However, some of these mini-games lack proper introductions, leaving players to figure out the mechanics on their own. In this guide, we’ll explore how to defeat Dio in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7).

FF7 Rebirth— How to Beat Dio in 3D Brawler

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Upon reaching the Gold Saucer in chapter 8, players are introduced to various mini-games to enjoy. Before diving into these activities, players must first meet Dio, the owner and operator of the Gold Saucer.

Dio challenges you to a fight, introducing you to the 3D Brawler mini-game. This is where you’re expected to grasp the basics of the mini-game while testing your skills against Dio. However, the game doesn’t provide detailed instructions, leaving players to learn through trial and error.

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To defeat Dio, you need to time your attacks between his moves as he prepares to strike. When Dio taunts you, observe which side he leans towards and attack accordingly. For instance, if he extends his right fist after dodging an attack from the left, strike with your right hand. Avoid attacking when he’s winding up for an attack to ensure your hits land successfully.

Can you rematch Dio?

Dio can be challenged again after progressing through the normal 3D Brawler mini-game, presenting a tougher fight. However, the initial battle against Dio cannot be replayed and features two different cutscenes based on the fight’s outcome. Defeating Dio will strengthen your relationship with Red XIII, which may influence certain in-game events like choosing the best date for the Gold Saucer.