How to enter The Gauntlet dungeon in Diablo 4

How to Access The Gauntlet Dungeon in Diablo 4

Prepare yourself to face formidable demonic foes and strive to achieve the highest score possible by entering The Gauntlet dungeon in Diablo 4.

With the arrival of the Mid-Season update and various class balance adjustments, players now have the opportunity to compete for a place in The Gauntlet’s pantheon. The Gauntlet is a weekly dungeon where players face off against Level 100+ enemies to determine their performance through an in-game scoring system. To participate in the Gauntlet Dungeon, players must reach World Tier 4 and level up to at least Level 100 to withstand the intense challenges that await. Once these requirements are met, head to Gea Kul, a town located in Kehjistan at the southwestern edge of Sanctuary.

Image: PC Invasion

In Gea Kul, make your way to the town’s longest pier as indicated above. Interact with the Horn of Trials to be teleported directly to The Gauntlet. This unique dungeon features a fixed layout and enemy composition each week. If you perish during your run, you have the opportunity to strategize and start afresh to navigate through the perilous endgame adversaries. By eliminating enemies swiftly, you can earn Proofs of Might, which contribute to your overall score.

Diablo 4 The Gauntlet Dungeon
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Achieving a high enough score will earn you a spot on The Gauntlet leaderboard. Landing in the Top 10 will see your name enshrined in the Hall of the Ancients, commemorating your accomplishment. Additionally, placing within the Top 100 will grant you a Conqueror’s Crest Mount Trophy as a reward.