Turbo Golf Racing: From 1 Million Game Preview Players to Release

Launching into 1.0 with Turbo Golf Racing

After capturing the attention of over 1 million players during the Game Preview phase, Hugecalf Studios is thrilled to announce that Turbo Golf Racing will officially launch into 1.0 on April 4! Leading up to this exciting release, gamers can get a taste of the action by downloading Turbo Golf Racing on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, or PC Game Pass for Windows Store.

If you’re unfamiliar with Turbo Golf Racing, imagine playing golf with a turbo-charged car instead of traditional clubs. Add to that the challenge of competing against 7 other players to achieve the quickest time (in race mode) or the fewest shots (in golf mode), along with a variety of Power Cores that can enhance your car’s abilities. This unique combination creates a fresh and exhilarating take on the game of golf.

Enhancements and Additions Since Game Preview

Since its initial launch in Game Preview, several new Power Cores have been introduced to the popular race mode. These include cores like Sticky, which allows you to attach the ball to your car, and Grapple Hook, which pulls your car towards the ball. With a total of 18 unique Power Cores available, players can experiment with over 130 different core combinations. Personal favorites like Magnet and Hyper Glider can amp up speed while making it easier to pull the ball towards the car.

In addition to Power Cores, new features like Frost Beam, Air Strike, and Boost Canister have been introduced to race mode, providing players with more ways to outmaneuver opponents and take the lead.

Players have experienced three seasons of content, including Aztec and Space themes, which brought themed cosmetics, fresh biomes, and innovative mechanics to the game. Using water features to propel the ball closer to the hole and navigating gravity shifts on the course have added an extra layer of excitement to gameplay.

What to Expect in Version 1.0

With the official launch on April 4, Season 4 themed as Launch Party will kick off with 40 new rewards. Players can expect new car bodies like Bassline and Jester, along with fun accessories such as party shades, musical boosters, pork pie wheels, and party hat wheels.

Turbo Golf Racing Season 4 Image

Excitingly, the game will now include an 8-player golf mode, allowing players to enjoy their favorite mode with more friends. Urban, Wild, and Industrial biomes have also been revamped with new themes, and players can explore new night levels, garage loadouts, shop items, and much more.

Are you ready to join the action? Mark April 4 on your calendar and get ready to experience Turbo Golf Racing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.