Polymega Review – IGN

The Polymega Console: An In-Depth Look

Playmaji has dared to chase the dream of creating an all-in-one retro console that can play physical media from numerous major platforms with the Polymega. Originally known as the RetroBlox in 2017, this console has morphed into the Polymega, which was officially launched in September 2021. However, due to various challenges such as supply chain issues, only a limited number of Polymega consoles have reached consumers until recently in early 2024, accompanied by a new wireless controller.

Polymega – The Base Unit and Wireless Controller

The Polymega Base Unit (PM01-01) boasts an Intel Coffee Lake S Series Processor with 2GB DDR4 RAM. Equipped with a Realtek RTL8822BE Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo Module, HDMI support, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB ports, this console does come with a higher price tag of $549. It also includes a built-in optical disc drive and various storage expansion options for additional games.

The console’s wireless controller, an updated version featuring reduced lag, resembles the design of the Sony DualShock series. With additional controllers available separately, the Polymega aims to provide a comprehensive gaming experience across multiple platforms.

Polymega – Element Modules and Accessories

The Polymega Base Unit is compatible with various platforms like Sega CD, Sony PlayStation, and more through specific element modules. Each module set includes a controller tailored to the system it supports, ensuring seamless gameplay.

Polymega – Games and Gameplay

Once games are installed, the Polymega menu offers various options such as enhancements, classic mode, and patch selections to optimize the gaming experience. With support for save states, memory slots, and customization settings, playing games on the Polymega is a versatile and enjoyable experience.

Polymega – Who’s It For?

Designed for enthusiasts with a diverse collection of original physical media, the Polymega caters to gamers who appreciate quality games from various sources. Despite the initial investment cost, the Polymega offers a unique modular gaming experience that is unmatched in the market.