How to Get Blood Burner Key Schematic in MW3 Zombies

Getting the Blood Burner Key in MW3 Zombies

The only way to obtain the Blood Burner Key in MW3 Zombies is by completing the new Story Mission introduced during Season 2 Reloaded.

Details about the Story Mission are still scarce as the update has not been released yet. However, the official Call of Duty website mentions that players should approach NPC Sergei Ravenov to initiate the mission.

In typical fashion for narrative-driven missions in MW3 Zombies, players will need to survive waves of zombies while uncovering specific clues to progress and completing mini objectives within time limits. Once the mission is finished, a new Rift Gate will open in the level.

Travel through the Rift Gate to enter a new area of the Dark Aether. In this region, players must complete area-specific tasks and survive for set durations. By doing so, players can earn passive rewards, with one of the potential rewards being the Blood Burner Key. While it is not guaranteed, this is the only method to have a chance at obtaining it.

Image Source: Activision

MW3 Zombies Blood Burner Abilities

Once you have acquired the Blood Burner Key, you are likely well into a MW3 Zombies match. The key item will be stored in your inventory, allowing you to summon the two-wheeled Wonder Vehicle using a D-pad shortcut.

The Blood Burner vehicle offers two key advantages. Firstly, it can traverse bodies of water, providing a quick escape route when overwhelmed by zombies in later rounds. However, the vehicle runs on zombie blood, so players will need to continually eliminate enemies to fuel its operation.

If you run out of fuel and face a horde of zombies, you can activate the Blood Burner’s Aether Pulse ability. This unleashes an AoE attack that eliminates nearby enemies, similar to a localized nuke power-up. The frequency of use and method of charging this ability are currently unknown.

That covers the essentials of obtaining the Blood Burner Key and utilizing the Wonder Vehicle in MW3 Zombies! For more information on the game, be sure to explore the MW3 Zombies camo challenges and review the Season 2 Reloaded patch notes.