Warner Bros. shutting down Red vs. Blue creator Rooster Teeth

Warner Bros. to Shut Down Rooster Teeth After 21 Years

After more than two decades in operation, Warner Bros. has announced the closure of Rooster Teeth, the production company known for iconic titles like Red vs. Blue and RWBY. The process is expected to unfold over the next several months, as detailed in a notice from Rooster Teeth general manager Jordan Levin, which was published on the company’s website.

However, Warner Bros. will still honor their commitments by releasing a completed, unspecified Rooster Teeth-produced movie and other ongoing projects. The studio is also exploring potential options for Rooster Teeth’s content moving forward. Unfortunately, this transition will result in around 150 full-time employees being laid off, as well as impacting “dozens of contractors and content creators,” according to reports by Deadline and Variety.

The End of an Era

Jordan Levin attributed the decision to close Rooster Teeth to the “challenges facing digital media resulting from fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and monetization across platforms, advertising, and patronage.” This marks the end of a significant chapter for the company, which was founded in 2003 and gained fame through shows like Red vs. Blue, a pioneering machinima-styled series that parodied wartime narratives and military video games using elements from the original Halo.

Rooster Teeth’s Legacy

In his statement, Levin reflected on the legacy of Rooster Teeth, emphasizing that their impact goes beyond just content production. The studio has left a lasting impression on the media industry, pioneering new ways to engage creators with a dedicated community. Despite the closure, Rooster Teeth will be remembered for the pixels “burned into our screens, minds, and hearts.”

Rooster Teeth’s Evolution

While best known for series like Red vs. Blue and RWBY, Rooster Teeth expanded its offerings over the years with shows like Achievement Unlocked and Let’s Play. The studio’s acquisition by Fullscreen in 2014 marked a new phase of growth, leading to the debut of their first movie, Lazer Team. However, subsequent mergers and restructurings ultimately led to Rooster Teeth falling under the umbrella of AT&T before being included in the Warner Bros. Discovery merger.

Reflections on Rooster Teeth

While acknowledging the company’s popularity, many fans on social media expressed sadness over the imminent shutdown, describing it as “the end of an era.” Despite the challenges and controversies faced by Rooster Teeth in recent years, the impact of their work is still fondly remembered by many.