How to get Melee Backstab Kills in Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3: Tips for Getting Melee Backstab Kills

Being a stealthy operator can now pay off big time in Modern Warfare 3. Here’s how you can master the art of getting backstab kills with your melee attacks.

Flank Your Enemies by Covering the Map’s Border

Image: Sledgehammer Games

One effective strategy is to flank your enemies by navigating the borders of the map. By approaching the enemy spawn points from unexpected angles, you can catch them off guard and unleash a deadly melee attack from behind.

Conceal Your Presence to Increase Your Backstab Kills Chances

Modern Warfare 3 Dead Silence Field Upgrade
Image: Sledgehammer Games

For a more tactical approach, consider using the Dead Silence field upgrade to mask your movements and make your footsteps silent. This upgrade not only enhances your stealth capabilities but also refreshes its effects with every melee kill, making it perfect for securing backstab kills.

Play Infected, and Play as the Infected

Modern Warfare 3 Infected
Image: Sledgehammer Games

In the Infected mode, embrace the chaos and take on the role of the infected. With a higher ratio of infected players to survivors, you’ll have better odds of landing those coveted backstab kills. Utilize flanking strategies and teamwork to outsmart and eliminate the survivor Operators.

If you’re feeling daring, you can also test your skills in Hardcore mode using the same tactics. However, proceed with caution as the risks may outweigh the rewards in this challenging game mode.