The Apocalypse Gets Cosy In ‘Highwater’, Sailing Onto Switch Next Month

Everything is cosy these days

Cats? cosy. Bakeries? cosy. Middle Earth? cosy. The apocalypse? apparently.

Publisher Rogue Games has today announced that Highwater — a game all about making friends at the end of the world — will be loading up on supplies and sailing over to Switch on 14th March. Get the thick blanket out and snuggle up to the thought of impending doom.

Highwater is a puzzle/adventure game from developer Demagog Studio where you and your apocalypse pals are tasked with doing whatever it takes to survive. This may be gathering supplies, making new connections or simply taking in the view — and we will say, it is a rather pretty view. Oh yeah, and the entire world is flooded, in case the title hadn’t given that one away.

You can find out more about some of the game’s features and get a look at some screenshots from its Steam and eShop pages below:

  • Rich, Story-Driven Adventure: Earth may be flooded, but it’s one heck of a view on the water. With a sense of humor, determination, and some great tunes, Nikos and friends will work together to explore the water-filled environment around them and embark on an adventure to evacuate to Mars and start a new life.
  • 3D Exploration & Discovery: Float along the vast waterways freely in your boat and explore the many different islands of a beautiful world where you’ll encounter danger, interact with fellow citizens, gather resources, and fight for a chance to escape to a new life.
  • Turn-Based Combat With A Twist: Take on your enemies in a classic turn-based combat system where careful tactics and puzzle solving will help you come out alive. Interact with the environment and items around you: knock down a tree, push a shopping cart into an enemy, or duck behind a turned over car to gain the advantage.
  • Original Radio Tunes: The world may be ending, but there’s still time to enjoy some good tunes. As you cruise along the water, Highwater Pirate Radio is the key source not only of unique and original music, but also for commentary on your ticket to survival.

Highwater will be sailing onto the Switch eShop on 14th March for £16.59 / $19.99.

What do you make of Highwater? Will you be taking the plunge next week? Let us know in the comments.