MSI Claw Handheld PC Preorders Are Available At Best Buy

Introducing the MSI Claw: A New Player in the Handheld Windows Gaming PC Market

As unveiled at CES earlier this year, MSI is set to release their latest handheld Windows gaming PC, the MSI Claw. This device will feature an Intel Arc graphics chip and Intel Core Ultra CPU, making it stand out as the first Windows gaming handheld from a major company to utilize Intel-based hardware. In comparison, other handhelds such as the ROG Ally, Legion Go, and Steam Deck rely on AMD chips.

Specifications and Pricing

The MSI Claw is priced starting at $700 and is currently available for pre-order from various online retailers, including Best Buy and Newegg. The device comes in three models, each equipped with an Intel Arc Graphics chip featuring 8 Xe-cores, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, and a seven-inch LED IPS touchscreen with 1080p resolution and support for 48-120Hz variable refresh rates. However, the models differ in CPU power and storage space:

  • $700 base model with an Intel Core Ultra 5 CPU and 512GB SSD
  • $750 model with an Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU and 512GB SSD
  • $800 model with an Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU and 1TB SSD

Pre-orders for the MSI Claw are available at Best Buy and Newegg, with all orders expected to ship by April 4. Additionally, an exclusive pre-order bundle is offered at Newegg, which includes a copy of Skull & Bones standard edition and seven days of Ubisoft+. Both retailers are also providing a free one-month trial to Game Pass Ultimate with the purchase. While Newegg lists the release date as March 15, there’s a possibility of receiving the device earlier, although this date is subject to change.

Features and Performance

Each model of the MSI Claw is equipped with Hall Effect joysticks, trigger buttons, a circular D-pad, and eight face buttons. The device boasts a 53Wh battery that offers approximately two hours of gameplay for the most demanding titles. Battery life can vary depending on the game being played, but users can take advantage of the Thunderbolt 4 USB charging port for fast charging. Furthermore, the device includes a microSD card slot for expanding storage space.

Final Thoughts

It’ll be interesting to see how the MSI Claw, with its Intel-based hardware, will stack up against its competitors in the handheld gaming PC market. With the increasing popularity of such devices, the ability to play the latest PC games on the go is a significant advantage. Moreover, the portability of these devices often motivates users to explore their gaming libraries more extensively, especially during PC game sales.