Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead (2408.240306-2200)

Important Xbox Update Preview for Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring

Welcome Xbox Insiders! A new Xbox Update Preview is set to be released to the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring today. It is crucial to highlight that these preview OS builds contain background improvements that are aimed at providing a quality and stable build for Xbox consoles. Even if the changes to the UI are minor or not immediately visible, we will continue to post these release notes to keep you informed about upcoming updates for your device.

Check out the details below!

System Update Details

  • OS Version: XB_FLT_2408GE26076.1502.240306-2200
  • Available: 2 p.m. PT – March 8, 2024
  • Mandatory: 3 a.m. PT – March 9, 2024

New Features and Experiences

We have some thrilling news! Alpha Skip-Ahead users can anticipate new features in their Xbox Update Preview.

Capture & Share

Users will now receive a toast notification if they are running low on space after uploading a new screenshot or game clip to OneDrive.

Xbox Wireless Controllers

A new version of the Xbox Wireless Controller firmware is being released today, featuring improvements to unexpected disconnections when using a wired headset.

If your controller requires an update, you will be prompted to install it when the controller is connected to your console. Alternatively, you can manually install the update through the Xbox Accessories App if you miss or dismiss the prompt.

Fixes Included

Thanks to the invaluable feedback from Xbox Insiders and the dedication of Xbox engineers, the following fixes have been implemented with this build:


  • Various updates to accurately display local languages across the console.

Known Issues

Although known issues may have been outlined in previous Xbox Insider Release Notes, they are actively being worked on. If you encounter any of these issues, please follow the provided guidance and submit feedback using Report a Problem.


  • Some users have reported intermittent audio problems across the dashboard, games, and apps.
    • Troubleshooting: Ensure that your TV and all other equipment have the latest firmware installed if you encounter issues. For further assistance, you may need to contact the manufacturer. Additional troubleshooting tips can be found here.
    • Feedback: If problems persist after updating firmware and additional troubleshooting, please submit feedback via Report a Problem when the issue occurs. Select the “Reproduce with advanced diagnostics” option, then choose the categories “Console experiences” and “Console Audio Output Issues”.
      • Note: Provide detailed information about the issue, when it started, your setup, troubleshooting steps taken, and any other pertinent information to aid in issue reproduction.


  • We are investigating reports of a network connectivity issue upon console boot. If you encounter this problem, report it using Report a Problem as soon as possible.
    • Workaround: Allow a minute or two for the connection to establish. If the console remains unconnected, restart it from the Power Center or the guide, then report the issue using Report a Problem. Learn more about restarting here.

Remember to utilize Report a Problem to keep us informed about any encountered issues. While we may not respond individually to all submissions, the data gathered is crucial for issue resolution.

What Happens to Your Feedback

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