How to search an Olympus or Underworld chest in Fortnite

Olympus and Underworld Chest Locations in Fortnite

If you are looking to complete the quest in Fortnite’s Myths and Mortals update, knowing the locations of the Olympus and Underworld chests is key. These chests are consistent in their placement, making it easy for you to find them at the start of a game for valuable loot.

Despite their different names, the Olympus and Underworld chests look identical, making them easy to identify. These chests can only be found in the Underworld or Olympus regions, with the Underworld region being favored by many due to the Underworld Dash ability.

Image: Fortnite GG

Above is a map indicating all the God chest locations in Fortnite. These spots are highly contested, so proceed with caution. The chests may be hidden underground or inside structures, so thorough searching is advised.

To loot one of these God chests, simply approach and interact with it as you would with any other chest in the game.

Completion of the mission is achieved as soon as you loot one of the God Chests, whether it be Underworld or Olympus.

Olympus and Underworld Chest Loot in Fortnite

The loot from Olympus and Underworld chests in Fortnite is truly worth the effort, offering fantastic rewards. In addition to Epic quality weapons and high-grade consumables, you may come across powerful items like the Wings of Icarus and Zeus’ Thunder.

Wings Of Icarus Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Hitting a few God chests early in the game can provide you with Epic-tier weaponry and top-tier items. While items like Thunder and Wings are impressive, the Epic guns that accompany them are often more sought after. Even if the Thunder and Wings don’t interest you, the Epic weapons obtained from these chests could be your ticket to a Victory Royale.

Keep in mind that these locations are highly contested, so arriving early is crucial. It’s also wise to arm yourself with a weapon in case you encounter competition. Although the God chests are valuable, remember that items like Zeus’ Thunder and Wings of Icarus can also be found outside of these chests.

Good luck, and happy hunting!